Vintage Guitars For Sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta,vintage guitars,amps,parts,Memorabilia  and more.
Vintage Guitars for sale
Vintage amps,Vintage Electric guitars for sale,vintage guitar parts,vintage acoustic guitars and bass guitars all at Greg's Guitars Atlanta.
Greg's Vintage Guitars,vintage guitars for sale.We sell vintage guitar parts,vintage guitar and music related memorabilia,speakers,amps and more.Consignment services available.We Buy Guitars !!!
Greg's  Vintage guitars is an Atlanta based internet Vintage guitar store with collectible electric and acoustic guitars for sale and service as well as collectible and vintage amps ,parts and bass guitar sales and consignment services for the vintage guitar market.Cool,vintage,rare and players grade collectible guitars,gear and parts for sale.  The best place to sell your vintage guitar,the best place to consighn you vintage guitar or amp,The best place  to evaluate your vintage guitar or bass guitar,Greg's guitars.
 Greg's vintage guitars Atlanta would like to thank all our clients and let you know we look forward to another banner year with you.... Do you have a guitar you want to sell but just don't have the time or resources? Let Greg's Guitars do all the work and consider our worldwide market with a broker/consignment service. We are on all major guitar forum rooms as a paying sponsor, we utilize all the internet social medias and have proven results. We handle all aspects of the sale of your guitar or gear and charge a modest fee of the final selling price. Let Greg's guitars represent your gear when it's time to sell. Call or email us for all the details. Check out Greg's Guitars episodes on The Discovery channel show " Auction Kings", Premier guitar magazine,forum rooms and the world wide web. With worldwide clients, let Greg's Guitars represent your guitars and gear for sale..Greg's Guitars buys guitars,sells guitars and consigns guitars ,amps and vintage guitar parts.Vintage guitar and music memorabilia for sale.

                                                     Vintage Gibson Guitars for sale .
 Here is our Gibson Vintage Electric guitars for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta , we also have Gibson players grade guitars,collectible guitars for sale  as well as rare guitars for sale .You can see our Vintage Gibson Guitars for sale here as well as at the top page navigation buttons. Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta sales and consignment services for vintage guitars. Click here to see our Gibson guitars for sale.

Friend us,like us and share our Face book page , follow Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta on twitter ,look for Greg's guitars on The Discovery Channel "Auction Kings show .Our youtube channel is gregsguitars1.

We have also been featured in Premier Guitar Magazine as well as Vintage Guitar Magazine  over the last several years , here are some links to a few of our featured vintage guitars and vintage bass guitars and amps .

 1969 Silvertone Bass.
 1952 Les Paul Standard.
 1958 Precision Bass.
 1953 Epiphone Regent.
 1960 Gibson GA 200 Rhythm King Amp

                                      Vintage Fender Guitars for sale at Greg's Guitars.

 Fender electric guitars for sale, collectible guitars for sale, custom shop Fender guitars for sale  as well as cool and rare Fender guitars for sale , Click here to see our Fender guitars for sale. as well as at the top navigation buttons.

Vintage guitars for sale  ,players guitars ,cool affordable,rare,vintage and collectible guitar and gear sales,the obscure and under appreciated guitars,It is all here at Greg's vintage guitars Atlanta .Vintage fender guitars,vintage Gibson guitars,Vintage Ibanez guitars,Guild guitars,Valley arts guitars,Gretsch guitars,Taylor guitars,Martin guitars,Takamine guitars,Stratocasters ,Telecasters,guitar cases,and guitar parts. Both vintage electric guitars and vintage acoustic guitars for sale .
Vintage Grammer guitars, just to name a few. Also included are Fender amps,Guild amps,Magnatone amps,tweed,blackface,silverface amps,amp parts and repair. Consignments taken . 
Phone  Greg @ 770-337-9679 or email us at Thanks for looking at Gregs vintage guitars.


                                                                                                Vintage guitar  EVALUATIONS $45.00 EACH

                                Vintage effects and vintage effects pedals for sale.
We also have  vintage guitar cases for sale . Greg's Guitars also offers guitar case lining material for sale so you can restore your vintage guitar or newer guitar case lining.
Again you can click on the page link here or go to the top of any one of Greg's Vintage guitars pages for navigation to see all our vintage guitars,vintage guitar parts ,effects,cases,amps,speakers all for sale. 770-337-9679 0r

Greg's vintage and collectible guitar sales . With plenty of experience under my belt in vintage guitar sales, I provide my customers with the utmost in excellence as far as sales and service goes. I do not make promises I can not honor and strive to do the best I can in an ever changing vintage and collectible guitar market.When searching to purchase a vintage guitar or consign your vintage guitars please consider Greg's guitars as your number one source for help. Vintage and collectible guitar sales, Greg's guitars also sells vintage memorabilia,vintage guitar parts for sale as well as collectible vintage bass guitars,amps and parts.Vintage guitar and collectible guitar sales,Fender guitars for sale ,guitar sales Greg's guitars is a vintage guitar dealer, Greg also is a collectible guitar dealer,Greg is a registered guitar dealer on Gbase  vintage and collectible guitar store.Electric guitars sales,acoustic guitars for sale ,vintage electric guitars ,vintage acoustic guitars,vintage bass guitars ,vintage fender guitars,vintage Gibson guitars,vintage Ibanez guitars,vintage guild guitars,vintage fender amps.vintage amps,fender stratocaster,fender telecasters,Gibson Les Paul,,vintage guitars for sale ,guitars for trade ,buying guitars, sell guitars, vintage fender stratocster,fender esquire,fender P- bass, fender jazz bass, fender amps,the vintage guitar news and views, vintage guitar trader,vintage guitar parts ,vintage guitar tuning keys,So whether you are in the market to purchase a vintage or collectible guitar,consign a vintage guitar or place a collectible or vintage guitar on layaway contact Greg's guitars. vintage guitar pickups,the guitar a go go inc./Greg's Guitars , vintage and collectible and collectible  guitar sales.The Vintage Guitar News and Views ,our regular articles to inform and entertain the guitar collector and enthusiast.
                                                         Vintage Bass guitars for sale.
     Fender bass guitars,Gibson bass guitars as well as National,Danelectro and many other vintage and collectible bass guitars for sale at through our page navigation located at the top of each of Greg's Vintage Guitars pages. Click here to see our Vintage Bass guitars for sale.

    • Brands: Vintage guitar sales and consignment services at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta. Gibson Fender,Vintage electric guitars,vintage acoustic guitars,Browntone, Mosrite, National, amps , Gurian guitars,Aria,Gibson,Steinberger,Silvertone, Browntone,Analogman, Hagstrom,Marshall,,Gretsch,browntone, Hooche mama pedals,Hiwatt,Kalamazoo,Boss,effects, parts,evaluations, Rickenbacker,Fender,IbanezTaylor, Grammer guitars. Guild,Takamine,Esp,Squire, Fender Custom shop guitars, Gibson custom shop guitars,Gibson inspired by series guitars, Cunetto guitars,effects Marshal,Kustom,Takamine, Stereson, Cunetto relic, Gretsch,Harmony,the peoples choice,Music man,Collectible,rare,unique,obscure,hard to find and vintage guitars as well as players guitars amp,bass guitars and parts.,Martin,vintage Les Paul guitars,Washburn,Gurian, Trusted consignment services,references are available ***.All brand's be it the conventional or the wild and obscure. All my instruments are affordable investment grade Quality instruments as well as suited for the working musician , vintage collector and guitar enthusiast.Collectible and vintage guitar sales,Greg's guitars Our consignment services are second to none,let me do all the legwork for you and sell your gear so you can enjoy the other parts of your life.Greg's vintage Guitars. Layaway plans welcomed. CONSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED.
                                                     Vintage Acoustic guitars for sale
    Here at Greg's Vintage Guitars we love acoustic guitars and at this page link you can see our vintage acoustic guitars for sale ,we always are looking for clean vintage guitars to buy and have an excellent consignment service to sell your vintage guitar or vintage guitar collection for you . Please browse all our vintage guitars for sale pages and let us know what Greg's Guitars can do for you.Thanks for coming to Greg's Vintage guitar sales site and enjoy looking and browsing our entire selections of vintage guitars for sale.

    Greg's vintage guitars Atlanta really enjoys it when we can help out a fellow guitar nut with G.A.S. (guitar acquisition syndrome). This site slowly evolved into the showcase in its present state , a collection of gear and guitars of all types that we hope you enjoy.

    Don't forget to see Greg's Guitars apparel for sale, Greg's vintage Guitars Tee shirts for sale for only $18.00 each, please specify size and quantity when ordering , black or white t shirt colors.Email for order.

    ~  A Vintage and collectible  accumulation of electric,acoustic,bass,and custom ordered guitars and gear for sale and for you to browse through, with the upkeep of the site as the main goal. All the gear listed is used and comes as is ,Our  policies are that no warranties are implied or given, A honest assessment and description of each guitar is posted and available, when asking about a certain guitar or piece of gear we will tell you everything we can to honestly portray the item in question , please feel free to ask for pictures of anything that you would additionally like to see  and ask any question you can think of.  
     ~ Consignments services are available .
     ~ References are available.

     ~So please browse through all the pages featuring the vintage,collectible,cool and affordable rare guitars and gear for sale and contact Greg's Guitars if you see something you like, and you can even send Greg's Guitars your gear to place on guitar consignment , something different for those tired of the big box music stores and the not so friendly auction sites that have become a drag.

    Vintage guitars for sale  ,players guitars ,cool affordable,rare,vintage and collectible guitar and gear sales,the obscure and under appreciated guitars,It is all here at Greg's vintage guitars Atlanta .Vintage fender guitars,vintage Gibson guitars,Vintage Ibanez guitars,Guild guitars,Valley arts guitars,Gretsch guitars,Taylor guitars,Martin guitars,Takamine guitars,Stratocasters ,Telecasters,guitar cases,and guitar parts. Both vintage electric guitars and vintage acoustic guitars for sale .
    Vintage Grammer guitars, just to name a few. Also included are Fender amps,Guild amps,Magnatone amps,tweed,blackface,silverface amps,amp parts and repair. Consignments taken . 
                    Phone  Greg @ 770-337-9679                      email us at                Thanks for looking at Gregs vintage guitars.

                                             Vintage amps and speakers for sale

    Greg's Vintage Guitar Sales Atlanta also carries cool,rare,collectible and vintage guitar and bass amps for sale . We are always looking to trade larger combo amps and half stack amps or your clean used vintage guitar as well. Any small ,old, rare,vintage guitar amp you have for sale we may be interested in buying or offering to consign it for you. Check out our amp selection here or at top of pages navigation titles.We also offer vintage speakers,transformers ,parts and tubes for sale on other site pages .

    • Trusted Consignments *** ~ pay plans are welcomed as well as trades,Treating you the way I expect to treated. Vintage,rare,affordable and collectible guitar sales, players guitar and collectible gear,bass guitars,amps,vintage guitar parts ~Atlanta,Ga.Join the "ConGREGation" at Greg's Guitars.
    • Policies:
      • Payment: Call first please ,...But personal checks once cleared, money orders, certified bank checks , postal money orders, Direct money transfer to bank can be done. USPS money orders are preferred.~ Layaway is welcomed ~ 10 % non refundable hold fee to place a "hold" on any gear Greg's Guitars has for offer ~ $45.00 written evaluation or insurance estimate of your guitar or amp .
                                                        Vintage guitar parts for sale
     Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta sales and services also has a wide variety of Vintage guitar parts for sale, vintage control knobs ,vintage pots,Bigsby parts,tuning keys and tuning key parts for Fender,Gibson,Martin,Greco,Ibanez ,Epiphone and many other brands . Check our parts for sale page often as we upload parts for sale all the time. Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta also offersVintage guitar and music memorabilia for sale . ,vintage amplifiers,vintage new old stock (N.O.S.) tubes and replacement parts as well. Thanks for looking at Greg's Vintage Guitars for sale.

    Interested in vintage guitar date codes and other information ? Date your instrument or amp using one of these links provided for that information .

    Vintage Guitar Codes link click here.

    Gibson Serial number information click this link.

    Fender Guitar serial numbers located at this link click here.

    Information on vintage guitar finishes can be found by clicking here.

    The Vintage Guitar News and Views can be seen at this link
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