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Vintage Guitar parts

Vintage guitar parts for sale at Greg's guitars Atlanta. Vintage Tuning keys,Klusons,vintage wiring,vintage  pickups,pick guards,bridge guards,and more vintage guitar parts for sale.Potentiometers for sale,pots,wiring harness,pickup covers all for sale.We are always updating and adding vintage guitar parts for sale so check back often, Vintage guitar parts for sale,rare and collectible guitar parts for sale. I also offer consignment on vintage guitar parts .The ONLY vintage guitar parts I have for sale are listed on this webpage..

                                                                770-337-9679 or

Vintage Switchcraft 3 way selection switch with original switch tip, the back throw has been replaced but the original is included and will work with vintage wiring (one tab) . Priced @ $350.00

Vintage 1969 CTS pot,potentiometer for sale. Priced AT $50.00

                                                      Vintage Gibson soap bar P 90 cream pickup covers for sale circa 1952.
                                                                                                     $350.00 for both.

Vintage desirable 1953 split shaft 500K rated potentiometer for sale $225.00

1965 Potentiometer for sale 500K rated knurled split shaft. Priced at $100.00.Gibson SG,Les Paul jr. I believe.

                                                            Gibson vintage 1960 era Gold reflector knobs for sale ,
                                                              we have three knobs with the  "TONE "  insert                                                                                                                                                           $50.00 each
                                                                                    or $110.00 for all three

For sale 4  each 1971 potentiometers long solid shaft total height from top of pot to tip of shaft is 1 inch with shaft for knob being 1/2 inch solid.1377130 code on all four. rated at 200K. 100.00 for all four  only.

Telecaster ashtray bridge cover,newer gold plated (not real gold) Priced at $30.00

3 vintage 1972 pots for sale .Split shaft 1/4 .CTS made  500k rating. Priced as a set of 3 at $70.00

Vintage mid to late 1970's era Fender Gray bottom pickups ,I think they need new leads and one need to be fixed . Priced at $300.00 for all three.

2 each vintage 1976 CTS 250K rated solid shaft 1/4 inch pots for sale,potentiometers. sold as a set only at $35.00

Vintage 1950's Gibson Black P90 pickup covers, some wear and tear Priced at 375.00 for the pair only.

                                                    Vintage Fender Stratocaster "ashtray" bridge cover for sale , offers entertained.

1971 potentiometer for sale,CTS branded,1/4 in split shaft,500K rated. $35.00

                                         Vintage Bigsby springs for sale ,various sizes .Parts ,parts and more parts.
                                                                                             $75.00 for all of them

Vintage 1973 CTS potentiometer for sale 250K rated short split shaft pot. $20.00

  1958 potentiometer for sale...The vintage era ones we all want. 250K unused no solder,35831 coded.Solid 3/8 half shaft ,not broken,$275.00

                                                 Vintage Gibson Gold Skirt Knobs (2) from the 1950's  with truss rod cover and one strap button included.May sell individually if needed. Priced at $300.00 as a set.

Vintage 1958 knurled shaft potentiometer for sale.3/8 knurled solid shaft pot. $225.00

                                                  Vintage Les Paul Recording pickup rings for sale.,several to choose from,Circa 1972.              
                                                                                                          all sold

1978 500K rated CTS potentiometer for sale .Split shaft pot.  $35.00

                                                              Vintage Gibson Truss rod cover for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta.
                                                                                                                 $75.00 each

                                                           Cheap Fender Made in Japan pickup for sale  $15.00

A set of 6 Ping gold tuning keys for sale circa 1986                         


                   Original Guitar slides,and tone bars vintage make offers...

Vintage Rickenbacker 4001 Bass parts, complete that restoration or have all the parts you will ever need for your vintage 70 era Rickenbacker 4001 bass, Stereo jackplate,pickguard with pots,control knobs,tailpiece,bridge assembley,pickups both bridge and neck,pickup ring,and cover,tuning keys with the plastic backspacers and inserts,strap buttons,truss rod adjustment nuts and spacer and the Rickenbacker truss rod cover, from stem to stern it's all here.   


Miscellaneous vintage  pots and parts for amp or electronics projects for sale .Entire lot priced at $50.00

Vintage GHS round wound stainless steel wrapped double ball end bass guitar strings. Fits Steinberger,Arbor,Burnside,Cort,Lotus,Mach 1 and Status styled bass guiars. Set number 5600, 40-58-80-102 double ball end strings with original plastic case and printed package.                                                                                                   $35.00

                                 Vintage 1950  to early 1960 Fender guitar  leather  strap ,Excellent condition , I have two in                                                    black leather and one in brown leather finish,NOT reporoductions.
                                                                              Priced at $375.00 

Active Precision bass,P bass EMG pickups,pots,battery coupler output jack wiring harness complete ready to drop in and play. Priced at  $30.00

Vintage Ace straps for sale,martin guitar straps,Gibson Black beauty guitar straps,ace styled guitar straps,padded straps,leather straps,gothic straps, guitar straps of all kinds to choose from,pricing varies.Call Greg's Guitars at 770-337-9679.

     Vintage 1956 through 1968 era Gibson Guitar Poker Chip       selector       switch ring. for sale ..Treble,Rhythm selector.


 Vintage Bigsby vibrato tailpiece with original mounting screws ( all six).for sale . B7 patent No. D-169,120 with swinging tremelo arm as well as the compensating roller offered from mid 1950 onward.
                                                                                               ~SOLD ~

Gibson Vintage Trapeze tailpiece for electric or archtop mid to late 60 era Gibson guitar , or what ever you want to put it NOT nickel plated.


Fender universal amp corners ,metal,3 screw attachment holes, no frontal ledge style,rounded corners . $35.00 per set of four (4),Circa late 70 era to present day,these came off of recovered 50's era  tweed amp.

                              As new Fender Precision Bass pickguard in mother of pearl style finish for sale  ....$25.00

Vintage books and manuals for sale  Make offer.
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