1960 Gibson Les Paul Special for sale.

1960 Cherry Double cut Les Paul Special for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars . Still retaining the 1959 and early 1960 Les Paul Special designation on headstock which is removed in the later part of 1960. After being neglected and nursed back to health this little rock n roll machine is stage ready and will elicit that big grin of satisfaction with every song you play. Lucky for me I know this grumpy old man over at BCR  that loves these old guitars as much as I do and he has the knowledge and expertise to resurrect even the worst of ills inflicted upon any guitar. After deciding to make this a solid players guitar and not to make a restoration out of her , well off to the doctors she went and now has been released with a clean bill of health and ready for someone to enjoy. Comes with a Epiphone Les Paul junior hard shell case.  Priced at $ 5100.00

Work I had done to  this guitar:
neck reset as old attempt was lack luster to say the least
address heel as well
dress frets
pull frets 1-2-3 and plane board slightly 
refret those level and dress
new nut
pigtail bridge
full setup
Humbucking in the center selection ( I can't divulge the secrets to this but you will be very well pleased)