1977 Masaru Kohno classical guitar for sale

Masaru Kohno (1926-1998) is not only the most important luthier to emerge from Japan, but also one of the best worldwide. He was born in Mito City, Japan, and in 1948 he graduated from the Tokyo College of Arts and Crafts with a degree in woodcraft. It was during this time that he became interested in guitar construction, and in 1959 he traveled to Spain to learn the craft. He was awarded the Gold Medal at the Elizabeth's Concourse International Guitar Building Competition in Belgium. On the judge's panel were, among others, Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet, Joaquin Rodrigo, and Alirio Diaz.
Here is a 1977  model # 20 ( 200,000 yen price when new) offered for sale. Brazilian rosewood back and side rims, spruce top, 2 1/16 neck at nut width , typical phenomenal attention to detail construction, 2 small tight back cracks,hard shell case.

Priced @ $ 2400.00