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The STRAT, introduced by Fender at the 1980 NAMM Show. Designed by Gregg Wilson, then chief of guitar R&D at Fender, with the help of Dan Armstrong serving as a consultant, the STRAT tried to blend classic features with modern electronics to rejuvenate the Stratocaster concept. With the STRAT model, Fender gave a nod to the past by reinstating the smaller 1954-1965 pre-CBS headstock design (however, since the original worn-out tooling was used, the STRAT headstock, though smaller than the CBS era design, was not an entirely accurate re-creation of the pre-CBS model); and, like the 1979 25th Stratocaster Anniversary models, the STRAT was fitted with the popular pre-CBS style truss-rod adjustment and four-bolt neck plate, replacing the CBS Bullet truss rod adjustment and three-bolt neck plate.the STRAT incorporated several noteworthy features:

A hotter lead pickup (branded the X-1) with a much stronger output than the standard Stratocaster pickup (various X-1 pickups tested were between 6.0 and 8.5 ohms).
a new wiring circuitry delivering 9 different basic tones:
a twin mode rotary selector switch replaced the bottom tone control which when used with the five-way pickup selector switch allowed not only for your standard 5 Stratocaster positions(tones) but also 4 "new" tones never before or since available on a Fender Stratocaster.
neck and middle pickups in series - humbucking
middle and bridge pickups in series - humbucking
neck and bridge pickups in parallel
neck and bridge pickups in parallel, with the middle pickup in series,plus the normal 5 way switching as normal on Stratocasters.
Thus, The STRAT delivered nine (5+ 4) different basic pickup tones by combining the 5-position switch with the twin rotary selector tone knob. Otherwise the STRAT was fitted with the standard 250k ohm audio taper pots and the "master" tone control carried a regular .05 MFD capacitor. This unique wiring design delivers many tones.
22 carat gold electroplated brass hardware including a re-designed extra massive(sustain) bridge and vibrato block, tuners, and volume/tone knobs that were officially dubbed the "Brassmaster Series". According to Fender, the hardware was actually plated with a 100 micron gold coat.These guitars were also made from Northern ash.

This 1982 Olympic white example of Fenders "The STRAT" offered for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars is  in the rarest version color of the three colors offered by Fender during production (Blue/Red and later offered in  Olympic white). 

Some wear and tear as expected in a 35 year old guitar,all components work properly ,the case is in immaculate shape with the Fender logo,handle and all latches intact and working. Some fading and color changes are apparent on the guitar and has that worn look that only a comfortable pair of jeans can rival. The factory nut in my opinion should be replaced as it is (IMO) slotted to deep as well as a proper professional setup should be done. The 2 position rotary switch was taken out and luckily still in the case and has been newly rewired properly for the 9 different tonal selections as original. The volume and tone pot and a new 5 way switch was installed as the originals were not functioning properly.The replaced parts are also included with the guitar and case. All body,neck pocket dates are 3-16-82 along with the Fender stickers denoting the matching serial numbers.More pictures are available .

Offered for sale at $2600.00.  Call 770-337-9679 or EMAIL