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Payments: Call first to ensure availability of merchandise...personal checks are accepted, but merchandise will not be sent until cleared. Money orders, certified bank checks, postal money orders, direct money transfer to bank are also accepted. ~ USPS money orders are preferred ~ Layaway is welcomed ~ A 10 % non-refundable hold fee to place a "hold" on any gear Greg's Guitars has for offer ~ $45.00 written evaluation or insurance estimate of your guitar or amp.  ~ Pay plans are welcomed as well as trades. Treating you the way I expect to treated is the way I work. Vintage, rare, affordable and collectible guitar sales, players guitar and collectible gear, bass guitars, amps, vintage guitar parts for sale  ~ Join the "ConGREGation" at Greg's Guitars and remember "I Sell Keepers".

A Vintage and Collectible  accumulation of electric, acoustic, bass and custom ordered guitars and gear for sale for you to browse. All the gear listed is used and comes as is. Our policies are that no warranties are implied or given.  A honest assessment and description of each guitar is posted and available. When asking about a certain guitar or piece of gear we will tell you everything we can, to honestly portray the item in question. Feel free to ask for additional pictures, call for a hands-on description or to ask any additional questions. 


 ~ Consignments services are available 
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Whether you are in the market to purchase a vintage or collectible guitar, consign a vintage guitar or place a collectible or vintage guitar on layaway contact Greg's Guitars. Greg's vintage guitar store also includes vintage guitar pickups, the guitar a go go inc./Greg's Guitars, vintage and collectible and collectible  guitar sales. Greg's Vintage Guitars  does not sell on ebay, reverb or other "auction" sites.  I am a respected vintage guitar and amp dealer that has been featured in international magazines, forum rooms, The Discovery Channel and all forms of social media. I believe in one-on-one complete customer service and satisfaction. I love old guitars and am well trusted within our large community. Give me a call or email Greg's Guitars at  if you have an old, used or vintage guitar you would like to sell, or have Greg's Guitars sell for you. At Greg's Vintage Guitars "I Sell Keepers" ...770-337-9679. 

If you're here then you also dig cool, collectible, vintage, rare and player's guitars as much as I do. Browse through the site and if you have a guitar to sell then be sure to  send me a heads up on my contact page. Vintage guitars and vintage guitar parts. We also sell vintage bass guitars, vintage acoustic guitars as well as amps. The vintage guitars and gear you want at prices that you can afford. Browse through our inventory and enjoy. Consignment services available. We Buy Guitars.

Greg's  Vintage Guitars is an  internet vintage guitar store with collectible electric and acoustic guitars for sale and service as well as collectible and vintage amps ,parts and bass guitar sales and consignment services for the vintage guitar market. Cool, vintage, rare and players grade collectible guitars,gear and parts for sale.  The best place to sell your vintage guitar, the best place to consign your vintage guitar or amp. The best place to evaluate your vintage guitar or bass guitar. Greg's Guitars the Author of "The Vintage Guitar News & Views"***

***The Vintage Guitar News and Views, by Greg's Guitars are my articles to inform and entertain the guitar collector and enthusiast. The Vintage Guitar News and Views is a registered and protected trademark. The use of the content in these articles without written consent is a violation of this trademark, so be warned. 

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About Greg's vintage  Guitars for sale at my  online store  . We have been an online dealer since the days of dial up, a member of most major forum rooms, guitar related sites, and a regular on Gbase. So if you have the urge to purchase, or the time has come for you to sell, then Greg's Vintage Guitars is the place for you. Internet based vintage guitar dealer cool, collectible and rare guitars for sale.  Author of The Vintage Guitar News and Views articles, featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine,  Premier Guitar magazine, and The Discovery Channel. Follow Greg's Guitars on facebook,twitter,and all over the web. Thanks for looking and may all your days be memorable, all your friends stay true and all your riffs be Killer.....                                                         770-337-9679 or email                                                                                
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Vintage guitars for sale!  we buy vintage and collectible guitars, players guitars, cool, affordable, and rare guitars. Greg's Guitars has bought and has sold a wide array of vintage and collectible guitar and gear sales, the obscure and underappreciated guitars. Both vintage electric guitars and vintage acoustic guitars for sale. Unique, vintage , cool, collectible guitars, gear and memorabilia give us a big grin as I love what I do. It is all here at Greg's Vintage  Guitars.
Consignments taken and references are available ***

Brands: Vintage guitar sales and consignment services at Greg's Vintage Guitars . Gibson, Fender, Browntone, Mosrite, National, amps, Gurian guitars, Aria, Gibson, Steinberger, Silvertone, Analogman, Hagstrom, Marshall, Gretsch, Hooche mama pedals, Hiwatt, Kalamazoo, Boss, Vintage electric guitars, vintage acoustic guitars, effects, parts, evaluations, Rickenbacker, Fender, Ibanez, Taylor, Grammer guitars. Martin, vintage Les Paul guitars, Washburn, Gurian, Trusted consignment services. Greg's vintage Guitars. Vintage fender guitars, vintage Gibson guitars, Vintage Ibanez guitars, Guild guitars, Valley arts guitars, Gretsch guitars, Taylor guitars, Martin guitars, Takamine guitars, Stratocasters, Telecasters, guitar cases, and guitar parts. Vintage Grammer guitars, just to name a few. Guild, Takamine, Esp, Squire, Fender Custom shop guitars, Gibson Custom shop guitars, Gibson inspired by series guitars, Cunetto guitars, effects Marshal, Kustom, Takamine, Stereson, Cunetto relic, Gretsch, Harmony, the peoples choice, Music man, Collectible, rare, unique, obscure, hard-to-find and vintage guitars as well as players guitars amp, bass guitars and parts. Also included are Fender amps, Guild amps, Magnatone amps, tweed, blackface, silverface amps, amp parts and repair. All brand's, be it the conventional or the wild and obscure are affordable, investment grade, quality instruments and are suited for the working musician, vintage collector and/or guitar enthusiast.

At Greg's Guitars, our consignment services are second to none. Let me do all the legwork for you and sell your gear so you can enjoy the other parts of your life.  


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Greg's Vintage Guitars has been featured on The Discovery  Channel show "Auction Kings" as well as being featured in Premiere Guitar and Vintage Guitar Magazine .Here are just a few links to our items with the articles featured. "I SELL KEEPERS"

1969 Silvertone Bass Guitar   

1952 Les Paul Model

1958 Fender Precision Bass Guitar

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Regent

1960 Gibson GA 200 Amplifier

1966 Ampeg Gemini II amplifier

Local Interview "Voyage ATL" magazine.

Many other articles on our inventory have also been published, the latest being in  Vintage Guitar Magazine, our Gemini II G15 Ampeg amplifier was covered by Dave Hunter as well. Stay tuned as more back articles appear as links on the internet I will post them as I find them.

Trusted Consignments *** ~ pay plans are welcomed as well as trades. Treating you the way I expect to treated. Vintage, rare, affordable and collectible guitar sales, players guitar and collectible gear, bass guitars, amps, vintage guitar parts ~Flagler Florida.

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About Greg's Vintage Guitars ,Vintage Guitar sales, cool guitars, collectible guitars, amps, bass guitars, and vintage guitar parts, sales and services at Greg's Vintage Guitars . At Greg's Guitars "I Sell Keepers".

"I Sell Keepers"

Greg's Guitars , a web based dealer with  vintage guitars for sale,I buy and consigns  vintage guitars like a well run vintage guitar store should, online only. I provide my customers with the utmost in excellence as far as sales and service goes. I do not make promises I can not honor and strive to do the best I can in an ever changing vintage and collectible guitar market. When searching to purchase a vintage guitar or consign your vintage guitars consider Greg's Guitars as your number one source for help. Vintage and collectible guitar sales, Greg's Guitars also sells vintage memorabilia, vintage guitar parts, as well as collectible vintage bass guitars, amps and parts. Vintage guitar and collectible guitar sales, Fender guitars for sale. Greg's Guitars is a vintage guitar dealer. Greg also is a collectible guitar dealer. Greg is a registered guitar dealer on Gbase vintage and collectible guitar store. Vintage Guitars for sale, Vintage amps, Vintage Electric guitars for sale, vintage guitar parts, vintage acoustic guitars and bass guitars all at Greg's Vintage Guitars. Greg's Vintage Guitars, vintage guitars for sale. We sell vintage guitar parts, vintage guitar and music related memorabilia, speakers, amps and more. Electric guitars sales, acoustic guitars for sale, vintage electric guitars, vintage acoustic guitars, vintage bass guitars, vintage fender guitars, vintage Gibson guitars, vintage Ibanez guitars, vintage Guild guitars, vintage Fender amps, vintage amps, Fender stratocaster, Fender telecasters, Gibson Les Paul, vintage guitars for sale , guitars for trade, buying guitars, sell guitars, Fender esquire, Fender P- bass, Fender jazz bass,  vintage guitar trader, vintage guitar parts, vintage guitar tuning keys.