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Mid 1960 era vintage Gibson GA77 RVT amplifier for sale.GA-77RVT/GA-77RVTL VANGUARD,1960 model. - 50W, 1-15 in. regular speaker (GA-77RVT). guitar combo, eight-tube chassis, preamp: 4 X 6EU7, 1 X 12AU7, 1 X 7199, power: 2 X 6L6, rectifier: 5V4, two channels, tremolo, reverb, top/front silver control panel, four inputs (two per channel), 10 black and silver knobs (first version: Ch. 1: v, b, t, Ch. 2: v, b, t, r, depth, freq., power switch) or 12 black and silver knobs (second version: Ch. 1: v, t, m, b, Ch. 2: v, t, m, b, r, depth, freq., power switch), grey tolex, Spanish Crush brown grille, 26 in. wide, 20 in. tall, 10.5 in. deep, some pitting ,original footswitch included. Summer sale Priced at $ 699.00 plus shipping.