First lets start with what it isn't ,It is not a collectors guitar but rather a players guitar ,starting with a Gretsch 6120 from the mid 1960s and a neck from a Gibson ES 347.The bridge pickup route has been filled and the bridge pickup moved forward on the body I assume to compensate for the  scale length of the "new" neck Gretsch 6120 nut to heel is 18.5 and the ES 347 neck is only 18 inches nut to heel ,the string mute small hole has also been filled.Around the backside now that the old cadilac green refinish has had time to "sink" into the body it appears that extra bracing was installed for the neck attachment and an old headstock break was repaired.Now for the goods...she screams,has great playability and a growl that my other Gretsch guitars do not have ,original Gretsch electronics patent filtron pickups,Bigsby and newer bridge  mute switch is the white switchtip and does not connect to anything as string mute is removed,no pickguard.Comes with original Gretsch hard shell case.$2100.00