Early American made Ovation Applause acoustic guitar. These were budget versions for Ovation utilizing the same same bowl backs as their high end guitars but combining a laminated spruce top and an interesting neck design with a single die cast aluminum fingerboard,frets which are also nickel treated ,peghead and the support brace system omitting the need for a truss rod. These features combined with the Urelite one piece neck were ahead of manufacturing time and although these will never be expensive guitars as far as the vintage market goes they do have at least in some accounts a collectible aura due to what they were and are.. 1:12 crome plated tuning keys and finished in what was called "terra Cotta" it is really deep red.Frets have wear as all of these do but the projection is superb and the tone is somewhat "Ricky " sounding almost 12 string in color. Should be great for recording and adding different tones to the mix. $220.00 plus shipping.

Ovation ,Applause acoustic guitar for sale.