Vintage Gibson  1942 banner headstock "Only A Gibson is Good Enough" LG2  acoustic guitar  for sale at Greg's vintage guitars . 1 owner Gibson Kalamazoo Gal "Banner" with very few repairs . This guitar was carried throughout WW II by a U.S. serviceman  and along with the original with the owner they both returned back to the states . 1 very small "E" string crack addressed by the original owner and in my opinion (I could be incorrect) the bridge plate looks replaced but may also be original as wartime guitars carry some aspects due to wartime restrictions,it is BRW , maybe the original cracked or was worn out .This shows that the original owner prized this guitar . A new fret job with larger modern frets as the original frets were worn out and I had to replace the tuning buttons as the old ones were crumbling.  Anyone that knows guitars knows how special these guitars are ,rare reddish sunburst finish, no cracks, no neckset has been done and presently is not needed,baseball neck on this old girl, Spruce top, wonderful mahogany back and sides,X braced and a slice of tonal heaven. I know I will regret selling this rare Gibson acoustic ,but it is what I do " I Sell Keepers".~ $6000.00  ~

Vintage acoustic 1942 Banner headstock Gibson LG 2 guitar for sale at Greg's Vintage guitars .

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