Vintage 1950's era acoustic archtop guitar for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta , where "I sell keepers".

Harmony made and Stewart branded archtop guitar ,all original and a good all around player,


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Gibson Script logo 1946 LG2 acoustic guitar for sale at Greg's Vintage  Guitars. work needed sold as is, Wonderful burst finish,brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

Guild 1968 FT 30 NT "Aragon" for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta.. Introduced in the late 50 era ,Spruce top Mahogany back and sides....SEE MORE...

Here is something a little fun for your money, Savannah electric resonator guitar for sale with a Fender hard shell case,

Priced at $275.00 plus shipping.

Spruce Top , Mahogany Back and Sides, Dies-Cast Spider Bridge, M.O.P. split Diamond-Style Position Markers
10.5" Hand Spun Continental Cone, Chrome Plated Bell Brass Coverplate and Tailpiece, Rosewood Fretboard.

Vintage 1943 Martin  000-18 acoustic  guitar for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta.replaced tuning keys with newer open back tuners,neck re set done,73 year old slice of tone heaven,,,

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Vintage Gibson sunburst finish 1942 banner headstock LG2  acoustic guitar  for sale at Greg's vintage guitars Atlanta. 1 owner Gibson Banner with very few repairs . This guitar was carried throughout WW II by a U.S. serviceman  and with the owner they both returned back to the states . 1 "E" string crack addressed by the original owner and in my opinion (I could be incorrect) the bridge plate looks replaced, maybe the original cracked or was worn out .This shows that the original owner prized this guitar . I re fretted with larger modern frets as the original frets were worn out and had to replace the tuning buttons as the old ones were crumbling.  ~More pics and info here

Gibson Mastertone 4 string model TB 250 banjo >SOLD<.

The Grammer Guitar for sale

Vintage 1950's Kay Archtop guitar for sale

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Vintage acoustic guitars for sale at Greg's Guitars Atlanta.

Vintage 1977 Masaru Kohno Classical guitar for sale ,Model # 20,           SEE MORE HERE.

The perfect 60 year old  vintage Gibson acoustic guitar you want . Vintage 1957 Gibson Country Western guitar for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta.  Slope shoulders with Crown peghead inlay. No issues and I really do enjoy playing this great Gibson vintage guitar.  More here........          

Kohno Classical  guitar for sale.

Greg's Vintage Acoustic Guitars For Sale. " I Sell Keepers ."

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Guild FT 30 NT Aragon for sale.

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1968 Brazilian rosewood The Grammer Guitar for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitar sales Atlanta, BRW back and sides ,solid spruce top,


Vintage 1942 Gibson  Banner  LG 2 for sale.

Early American made Ovation Applause acoustic guitar. These were budget versions for Ovation utilizing the same same bowl backs as their high end guitars but combining a laminated spruce top and an interesting neck design with a single die cast aluminum fingerboard,frets which are also nickel treated ,peghead and the support brace system omitting the need for a truss rod. SEE MORE HERE...


Thank you for your visit to Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta. Vintage acoustic guitars for sale at prices you can afford.Here you will find many vintage acoustic guitars for sale as well as from private collections.  I love vintage ,rare and collectible guitars and hope you enjoy the site.You will find an eclectic array of vintage and collectible guitars. Kohno guitars, Martin Guitars,  Gibson and Guild acoustic guitars for sale. Smooth Stone custom guitars, The Grammer Guitar,Takamine guitars , Washburn guitars and other rare and collectible acoustic guitars for you to browse. Akustiska gitarrer till salu.Akustische Gitarren zu verkaufen.Guitarras acústicas para la venta.Les guitares acoustiques à la vente. Akustiske gitarer for salg.   At  Greg's Guitars , " I  sell Keepers."   The Vintage Guitar News and Views author.    Contact Greg's Guitars  770-337-9679 or Email me

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Vintage 1946 Gibson LG2 Script logo acoustic guitar for sale

At Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta , I Sell Keepers !!

Vintage 1957 Gibson Country Western / SJN acoustic guitar for sale.