Vintage Amps for sale .


Vintage 1964 speakers for sale ,2 Utah silver basket 16 ohm amp speakers,RW5464.1 pair ,2 speakers.Priced at $150.00 pair.


RCA 6V6GTY tube for sale $56.00

Vintage amp corner protection ,stamped metal 8 in all $ 100.00 entire lot of 8 amplifier corner pieces.

Vintage amp speakers for sale and more vintage amps for sale.

Check back with Greg's Guitars regularly as we are always getting in N.O.S. amplifier tubes for sale  

Greg's Vintage Guitar sales located near  Atlanta . Vintage amps,tubes, amp parts  and speakers for sale. Greg's Guitars packs all amps properly for shipment but due to the nature that amps are made up of many components it is advised and recommended that once you receive your amp to have it properly gone over by a qualified amp technician before you plug it in to insure that no components came loose during shipment and possibly damaging you amp purchase. If any damage is apparent on the outside of the shipping container document the exterior damage with photographs as well as the actual packing and contact the shipping company claims number as Greg's Guitars can not be held liable for damage due to the shipping process. All amp and Speaker sales are final with no refund,no exchange and no trades. All our amps are properly described ans photographed, additional information and pictures are available upon request. Thanks for looking at our vintage amps and speakers,please be sure to browse or vintage guitars for sale. Greg's Guitars.


Sylvania 6L7 vacum tube for sale $12.00


Gibson Varitone model GA 80T tweed amplifier  for sale at Greg's Guitars .Made for 3 years ,1959 through 1961,with production at approx.600 units.Single 15 inch speaker,two channels,25 watts.some wear on bottom and regular use wear as expected with an older vintage amp, cool and rare amp.New power cord,no footswitch.$ 1900.00

6EU7 for sale tube$18.00

Ampeg Gemini II amp for sale

Vintage Marshall MK II  50 watt lead amplifier head model 1987 for sale at Greg's Guitars Atlanta, Officially designated the model number 1987 . Big box small chassis version well kept and not abused, ..........MORE HERE

5Y3GT tube for sale $ 20.00

Vintage  Ampeg Gemini II amp ~SOLD~.This amplifier is featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine July 2015 edition by Dave Hunter on page 34, yet another fine piece of gear we have featured.....One owner purchased new at Ideal Music in Atlanta. Known for their clean tones under 30% volume these amps have less headroom than their Fender counterparts, Think the Fender bassman with only 35 watts .....Featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine by Dave Hunter (our amp).....MORE HERE

RCA 35Z5GT tube for sale $12.00

Fender early 1990 era ,First generation '59 tweed Bassman reissue amplifier for sale. Blue back speakers..See More Here.

1960 era Gibson GA 77 RVT amplifier for sale at Greg's vintage guitars Atlanta.GA-77RVT/GA-77RVTL VANGUARD,1960 model. - 50W, 1-15 in. regular speaker (GA-77RVT). guitar combo, eight-tube chassis, preamp: 4 X 6EU7, 1 X 12AU7, 1 X 7199, power: 2 X 6L6, rectifier: 5V4, two channels, tremolo, reverb, top/front silver control panel, four inputs (two per channel), - See more here...

Raytheon 6AC7 tube for sale $5.00

Contact 770-337-9679 or

6SL7GT tube for sale $4.50

Sylvania 6F5 Tube for sale NOS $8.50

1995 Fender Blues Jr. for sale. The  first year of these amps. July production month.Cool little package just right for bedroom and home use as well as recording and mic it at the gig.Check all our effects pedals,tubes ,speakers and amps >SOLD<.

6GU7 tube for sale $4.50

Magnatone Custom M6 amplifier cover for ,gold piping,side pocket with working snap. 23" wide x 21" tall x 9 3/4 deep. 1963.small tear by handle hole and a few nicks on the bottom, inside excellent condition as well. $125.00.

Vintage Amps,Tubes and Speakers For Sale


1963 vintage Gibson Falcon GA 19 RVT amplifier ,amp for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars .Gibson Falcon GA 19 RVT ,1963,These are compared to the Fender 6G2 Brown Princeton,it's a great grab and go combo or recording amp,about 15 watts though its Jensen C12R 12" alnico magnet speaker. Has Loudness (volume), Tone, Reverberation (Reverb), Depth and Frequency (Tremolo) controls. All tubes are factory original US RCA: 5Y3 rectifier, 6V6 (2) power, 6EU7 (3) preamp, and 6C4 reverb recovery. Complete with original foot switch.Retains original 2 prong cord still.


Vintage amp , amplifier parts as well as new old stock amplifier tubes N.O.S. tubes for sale  at Greg's Vintage Guitars.

Marshall 50 watt amp for sale

  Collectible ,vintage amps for sale.Rare amps,vintage amps for sale, affordable amp sales and consignments .We also sell vintage amp parts ,speakers  as well as new old stock, NOS, and vintage  tubes / valves  by Sylvania,Truetube,RCA,Raytheon tubes for sale and other amp related products on this website page .All types of amps come through our hands from time to time such as  Gibson ,Super Goldtone, Fender twin,stacks,heads,Hiwatt,Sears,silvertone, Hiwatt,Guild,Gibson,Fender,Magnatone and other great vintage amps for sale.Vintage speakers for sale.Fender Vibroverb,Seymour Duncan,Plexi,Silverplate,Fargen, Princeton,Gibson and Rivera era at Greg's Vintage guitar sales and consignments.