The Beach Boys Memorabilia $ 75.00

For sale memorabilia .1970 The RJ-1 rhythm Jester drum machine by Gibson, I have to admit I have not seen one and if I have I did not pay attention to it. Here is the users manual and warranty card for the person that does have one of these vintage units to complete the package. Priced at 25.00

Vintage Gretsch Guitars catalog number 30 for sale at Greg's Vintage guitars Atlanta. From 1961 Memorabilia
1961 "#30" Catalog
The 1961 Gretsch Catalog was very similar to the '59 "Red Velvet" catalog with four additional pages. It can be easily spotted by the "Catalog #30" on the cover,with 14 pages in excellent condition with exception to past employee writing on cover. Priced at SOLD



Ronny Lee's Rock n Roll Shindig songbook.SOLD

Vintage Guitar memorabilia and music memorabilia for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars. 

   Fender,Gibson,Marin,gretsch,catalogs,price guides,case candy and more.                                                                                             or call 770-337-9679

The Beatles memorabilia for sale Rubber Soul Souvenir booklet Priced $ 300.00

Vintage guitar memorabilia and music related memorabilia for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars . Check back often as we always are adding memorabilia that we get in for sale to you. Fender,Gibson,Kustom,Martin,Sunn memorabilia and much much more coming soon. Catalogs,dealers price guides,vintage hang tags ,guitar straps and other cool ,collectible vintage guitar related items for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitar sales.                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                              770 337 9679.

Vintage Fender guitar and instruments  memorabilia catalog  for sale, Very cool  art deco styled priceguide for sale . Excellent condition. SOLD.

Greg's Vintage Guitar Sales Atlanta is always interested in your vintage guitar memorabilia you may have for sale  contact us if you have memorabilia for sale ,Thanks.  770-337-9679


Greg's Vintage Guitars also sells items made from broken or discarded guitar parts as repurposing projects, here are some guitar lamps built and offered for sale. I am always making more so call if you want one !! 770 337 9679

Vintage Epiphone guitar price guide from 1962. Epiphone was still located at 210 Bush Street ,Kalamazoo,Michigan then.Featuring guitars,amps and bass guitars with 22 pages in excellent condition . Priced at $ 125.00


Spanish Guitar Memorabilia booklet $20.00

Memorabila Vintage Harmony Guitar 70th anniversary 1962 price guide catalog for sale . Over 18 full color pages with complete inventory offered for sale ,pretty Cool......SOLD

Memorabilia for sale from Kay Guitars

Bass neck tall table lamp or floor lamp for sale ,height is 49 inches. Priced at$120.00

Vintage guitar memorabilia for sale , songbooks,manuals  and more.

Vintage 1962 Kay Guitars price guide  and customer catalog for sale as memorabilia ,complete lineup,full color ,over 14 pages . Kay musical instrument co. 1640 Walnut Street Chicago IL.


Vintage 1965 Guild products catalog ,memorabilia . America's Finest" 14 pages , very good plus condition, products include the Starfire,Stuart X 500,DE 500,Manhattan,T 100 D slim Jim,Polaris George Barnes,Aragon F30 and more.Priced at $120.00.



1971 full color fold out Guild electric guitar and bass price guide catalog > SOLD <

Vintage Guitar Memorabilia Hit Paraders $ 20.00

Vintage Beatles Memorabilia for sale . $125.00

The 1963 Gretsch catalog gave prominent play to the Chet Atkins line, setting aside the first few pages of the catalog for Atkins and his namesake Gretsch models. 12 pages with full color front and last page, catalog number31 Gretsch guitars.Priced at $125.00

1950/60 era Guild Strings price guide catalog for sale. $40.00

Desk top or table lamps starting at $50.00 without headstock and $70.00 with a headstock. Models vary.

Vintage Kustom amplifier Kustom SC series amp price guide catalog. Full color 4 pages fold out center picture excellent condition .Priced at $35.00

Fender Stratocaster 50th anniversary memorabilia lunchbox with thermos and all packaging for sale ,These were even limited in numbers with 2400 produced and has the inside sticker with number printed. Cool little item for the guitar cave or your music room or perfect gift for the man or woman that has everything guitar.....

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1970 era  Guild product price guide catalog for sale . $ 40.00