Desk or table lamps 12 to 14 inches tall starting at $80.00

Very nice tooled leather MARTIN guitars , guitar strap for sale, light brown soft leather with wool style padded back. $ 50.00.

Various Gibson ABR -1  bridge,as well as other Gibson Bridges for sale. SOLD.

Vintage 1960 ACE guitar strap for sale. SOLD.

Vintage Gibson P90 soapbar pickup covers in white for sale at Greg's Vintage  Guitars . One cover appears to be the first generation 1952 cover as the two diagonal mounting screw holes on the corners of the cover indicate,the other one appears to be from a later date . Priced as a set at SOLD

Early vintage 1960 intonation  stepped wrap tail bridge or also ued with ABR style bridges for a stop tail, Used on Gibson Firebird, Gibson SG,Gibson Les Paul juniors SOLD

Check back often for more vintage guitar parts ,vintage guitar straps and vintage amp parts for sale as we are always updating   Greg's Vintage Guitars website.770-337-9679 or

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Gibson gold skirt control knobs for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars . These were used from 1955 through 1960 by Gibson,I only have 2 knobs , one truss rod cover.Aged reproduction knobs cost around 200.00  a set  ,so get the real deal here . Check out all our vintage parts,amps,speaker and guitars .Priced at  $300.00

Vintage Gibson archtop dogbone compensated bridge 1930-1950 era $90.00

Vintage Guitar Parts  for sale.

           Vintage Guitar Parts and cases For Sale at Greg's Guitars.

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Vintage guitar parts and guitar cases for sale at Greg's vintage  guitars  Florida. Vintage Tuning keys,Klusons tuning keys ,Vintage Guitar Straps,Ace guitar straps  Bobby Lee products and straps, case candy for your vintage guitar,guitar cases for sale,as well as a fine array of vintage instruments ,Grover tuning keys,vintage  wiring,vintage  pickups,pick guards,bridge guards pickups,wiring harness's knobs and more vintage guitar parts for sale.Potentiometers for sale,pots,wiring harness,pickup covers all for sale.We are always updating and adding vintage guitar parts for sale so check back often, Vintage guitar parts for sale,rare and collectible guitar parts for sale. I also offer consignment on vintage guitar parts .

Vintage 1956 -1960 ABR 1 no wire Gibson tune o matic bridge , I also have the saddles. Priced at $ 800.00

Vintage Gibson long shaft threaded bridge posts and inserts for sale . $ 250.00

Another black leather vintage guitar starp for sale from the 50 to early 1960s eras.Excellent condition ,no tears or rips ,no rot . Priced at $ 325.00

Vintage guitar straps for sale.

Vintage Precision bass or Telecaster Knurled Knobs for sale . SOLD.

Vintage Gibson guitar truss rod covers for sale. These two covers a thicker than I have seen on most electric guitars ,they possibly go to either Gibson acoustic guitars or possibly a Gibson bass guitar. Priced  seperatley at $ 50.00 each  .

Fender grounding plate, under the pickguard mounted with the holes for the pots and selection switch.Conflicting information regarding exact dates that these were used but I feel they were used during the 1980 era although some information states they were used before then.See all Greg's Guitars vintage guitar parts ,memorabilia and catalogs as well as vintage guitars,bass guitars and amps for sale .Priced at $65.00

Vintage Gibson 1950 era ,I believe 1952 through 1956 Truss rod cover for Gibson Les Paul and Les Paul styled guitars. It could also work on other Gibson guitar from the late 1950's as well. 2 ply .Priced at$110.00

So you scored that vintage Fender guitar and the case came with it as well but you still need to complete that vintage purchase with some case candy worthy of being in your collection. An original collector quality 1950 era Fender black leather guitar strap is available .This strap HAS NOT been buffed,cleaned,polished,washed,or altered.It is this nice originally. No splits or cracking, looks almost new ,strap peg holes not enlarged or torn, it doesn't even look as though it was really ever used.Priced at .$450.00

Tuning keys for sale 

Ping gold plated tuning keys with bushings ,no mounting screws included. Priced at $ 25.00

Vintage guitar parts for sale

Vintage Gibson gold reflector knobs for Les Paul and other guitars for sale,TONE knobs only priced at $80.00 each.

Vintage Fender bridge "ashtray" cover, this model is for the 1957 Stratocaster with tremelo bridge and will not fit perfectly on a NON tremelo or hardtail Stratocaster from this era. It is correct and dated between 1956 and 1960.Straight thin flares as well as other seen features make this correct for your vintage Stratocaster to be complete. SOLD

Vintage Fender piggy back amplifier head lock down knurled knobs for sale  bassman,tremlux,bandmaster,etc.etc.. $ 65.00

Vintage and new guitar parts,cases and vintage guitar straps and accessories for sale at Greg's Guitars. 

At Greg's Vintage Guitars we also re purpose broken and non repairable guitar related items such as necks and fingerboards. Here are a few lamps built and offered for sale .email Greg's Guitars for inventory on hand for these items as well as custom made lamps from your broken ~ 770 337 9679.

Vintage Gibson Black P90 soapbar pickup covers for sale. 1950's  genuine Gibson product .See all our vintage guitar parts for sale.  $280.00

Woven MARTIN Guitars guitar strap for sale .Weave with leather ends. $ 40.00.

Vintage late 1970 era EMG active P bass wiring harness and pickups  for sale . $ 60.00

Vintage GRECO guitar leather guitar strap in excellent condition  for sale at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta. $ 150.00

Vintage Kluson Deluxe patent applied for, 3 on a side tuning keys for sale, 1 post slightly bent works perfectly, pre 1960 tuning keys. SOLD